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Youbou is approximately 38 km west of Duncan on highway 18. There is close to 1,206 people (2016 Census) living in this beautiful little community on Cowichan Lake.
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Mesachie Lake
In early the 1940s, the Hillcrest Lumber Company faced a serious problem. It had cut all the trees in the area around Sahtlam and needed a new location for its mill. In the spring of 1942 Mesachie Lake was born when the Hillcrest Lumber Company moved its mill and company houses to the shore of Cowichan Lake.
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Lake Cowichan
The Town of Lake Cowichan is located at the eastern edge of Cowichan Lake beside the Cowichan River. There are 3,226 people (2016 Census) living in Lake Cowichan.
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Honeymoon Bay
In its infancy, Honeymoon Bay was a true working town. That is, if you lived in Honeymoon Bay, chances are you were employed by Western Forest Industries Mill, which was located on the shores of what is now the Central Beach area and March Road.
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Caycuse (Camp6)
Caycuse, a native name meaning scraping the barnacles off the bottom of the canoe, is located approximately 20 km outside of Lake Cowichan on the South Shore of the Lake. At one time there were over 400 people living in Caycuse.
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