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Logging Road Tips

Timberwest (a local forest company) has published these rules for using logging roads.

We would like you to have a safe and enjoyable trip and ask that you please read and follow the advice below:

  • If you are entering an active logging area. PLEASE DRIVE WITH YOUR LIGHTS ON.
  • Gravel roads are slippery and your stopping time is greatly increased.
  • Dust is a problem during our dry months and visibility is very poor. Please reduce speed accordingly.
  • Please give logging trucks the right-of-way, due to their size they require a major portion of the road. When you meet a truck, please pull over and stop until they pass.
  • Expect the unexpected. You may meet a logging truck or some wildlife around any corner.
  • Please pull over and allow trucks to pass if they catch up to you. Allow dust to clear then proceed.

Thank you for your co-operation.

TimberWest Forest Limited. [revised by Matthew Bystedt]

Also, if you are traveling out beyond Cowichan Lake take a spare tire and ensure that it has sufficient air pressure. Cell phone coverage is poor once you leave the lake area. It would be wise to get a good recreational map which shows the logging roads as well. These are avialable from most camping and hunting supply stores in the region.

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