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Lady of the Lake

Cowichan Lake Days was first held on Labour Day in 1943, 54 years ago. It began as a picnic for the area’s children. Members of the Lake Cowichan IWA local organized the event and canvassed residents to help pay for food and prizes. The event was held in the field where the Smith Block is now located.

In 1944 a decorated bike competition was added and over the next few years logger sports were introduced. The first parade was held in 1945 and the first Lady of the Lake, Dolores Traer, was selected. The winner was not really selected, but was the contestant who sold the most tickets to the event. She was given the title of ‘Lumber Queen’.

Lake Days soon outgrew the field and was moved to the old school grounds (Lisa’s Fit Stop) to make use of the old Community Hall. In 1958 there appeared in the Lake News an ad asking for 50 men to complete the Centennial Park in time for that year’s Centennial celebration. They obviously found their volunteers and the work was completed. The event has been held at the park ever since.

In 1959 the Kiwanis Club received a franchise to participate in the PNE contest. In 1979 the first Lady of the Lake Ball was held at the Riverside Inn. The Lake Days Society was formed in 1987, the same year that the Boom Chain Toss was introduced. The 1st annual 10K run and the ultramarathon were first held in 1989.

Lake Days has seen many changes over the years. It has certainly seen every kind of weather known to man, from gale force winds to brilliant sunshine and more than its share of rain.

Previous Winners

1945Dolores Traer
1946Delphine Williams
1947Ruby Tasa
1948Majorie Turner
1949Carol Lipstack
1950Gurdev Dley
1951Shirley MacKenzie
1952Doreen Towle
1953Dorothy Peacock
1954Irene Westwick
1955Heather MacDonald
1956Arlene Johnson
1957Karen Ross
1958Shirley Woodward
1959Sharon Kidds
1960Grace-Ann Malone
1961Lois Weismiller
1962Linda Neil
1963Joanne Akiyama
1964Linda Davies
1965Susan Hildebrant
1965Suzanne Castley
1966Kirstin Palsson
1967Sharon Berar
1968Marilyn Nelson
1969Julie Vanyo
1969Marlene Denniger
1970Susan Neva
1971June Viczko
1972Lynn Morrow
1973Cathy Lamb
1974Maureen Long
1975Janet Peterson
1976Shelly Scott
1977Kelly Peterson
1978Susan Hajdu
1979Carla St. Cyr
1980Pinder Rai
1981Lisa Calleberg
1982Cindy Thorpe
1983Denise Carpentier
1984Kim Baird
1985Michele Peterson
1986Robin Tapley
1987Kirsten Nimmo
1988Jolene Cook
1989Julia Turner
1990Connie Basso
1991Selena Gough
1992Rachel Hoole
1993Nicole Bonenfant
1994Bridget Walshe
1995Brannon Nelson
1996Shelby Sanders
1997Paula Sohye
1998Michelle Hartshorn
1999Kristal McQuinn
2000Tannis Wylie
2001Masika Allan
2002Tiffany Mailloux
2003Amanda Nijar
2004Jocelyn Lundberg
2005Carli Feltrin
2006Cassie Bell
2007Jackie Johnson
2008Randi Lundberg
2009Sydney Rabey
2010Bryanne Kitagawa
2011Jorden Matson
2012Alicia Fall
2013Megan Berry
2014Lauren Frost
2015Crystal Bell
2016Chailyn Vensel
2017Desiree Karlsen
2018Keely MacDonald
2019Program in Hiatus
2020Program in Hiatus
2021Mariah Segee
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