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Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve


Wild Flower ReserveThe Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve (formerly named the Honeymoon Bay Wildflower Reserve and the Sutton Creek Wild Flower Reserve) is located on South Shore Road about 2.5 km west of Honeymoon Bay village. Keep left when road divides at Walton Road and go past March Meadows Golf Course. The reserve is on the left. Park on the roadside and walk in.


The Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve, visited by people from across Canada each spring, is noted for its unique and spectacular density of the rare pink fawn lily.

The 6.07 hectare (l5 acres) reserve, owned by Western Forest Industries, is assured the protection in perpetuity of the largest known concentration of pink fawn lilies (Erythronium revolutum) in B.C. It prefers alluvial sites in moderately open woodland with a mild, moist climate. Two dozen species of other wild flowers are also represented there.

On April l5th, l983, the Reserve was officially handed over to the National Second Century Fund of B.C., a nonprofit charitable trust which protects areas and species of ecological interest in the province for the benefit of the people in B.C. About 80 people braved a steady drizzle at the official ceremony.

The National Second Century Fund has offered the 99 year lease of the Reserve to the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing at a cost of $l.00, providing the area with ecological reserve status and comes under the management of the ecological reserve unit of the Land Ministry.

Flowers you will find are:[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″]Western Spring Beauty
Yellow Arum
Yellow Woods Violet
False Lily-of-the-Valley
Wild Bleeding Heart

[/cryout-column][cryout-column width=”1/3″]Columbine
Star Flower
False Soloman’s Seal
Twisted Stalk
Star flowered Solomons Seal
Large Flowered Fairy Bell
Meadow Rue
[/cryout-column][cryout-column width=”1/3″]Vanilla Leaf
Enchanter’s Night Shade
Small flowered Buttercup
Cow Parsnip
False Hellebore
Red Huckleberry


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