Animal/Wildlife/Environment Protection


Dedicated to Creating a Diverse and Resilent Watershed

Our purpose is to act to ensure the health and protection of the Cowichan watershed; to inform and educate landowners, other citizens and governments about the environmentally sustainable use of the upper Cowichan watershed and its riparian zone; and to work with schools, citizens and other like-minded groups for this purpose.

We acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional territories used by the Cowichan, Lake Cowichan and Ditidaht First Nations for centuries.   Our aim is that the work of our organization will make a positive contribution to our shared future in this valley.

We conduct our business using the Fourfold Way:

  • We respect each other by having just one speaker at a time;

  • We expect people to speak from the heart with passion;

  • We expect people to show up to solve problems; and

  • We expect people to speak without blame.

We believe we are facing a climate emergency and must act accordingly. 

Our Place 

Our stewardship actions are focused in the Cowichan Lake and upper Cowichan River in active partnership with residents of Honeymoon Bay, Youbou and Town of Lake Cowichan as well as the CVRD, Cowichan Watershed Board, British Columbia Conservation Foundation(BCCF), Cowichan Stewardship Roundtable and other active valley organizations.

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​Our goal is to develop, maintain, and promote hiking and biking trails throughout the Cowichan Lake region while working with the local communities to enhance the support structures and services required to create sustainable, environmentally sound experiences for local residents and tourists. Consider becoming a member to help build trails for our community and future generations.

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The Save Our Holmes Society stands firm in opposition to the logging of Mount Holmes and Mount Good above the community of Youbou and Meade Creek.

We are dedicated to the preservation of an undisturbed watershed, slope stability, a robust forest and a healthy ecosystem.

We will foster partnerships with those who will work with us to ensure that we have a safe, healthy and beautiful environment in which to live and visit.

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