121 Point Ideal Drive
P.O. Box 428,
Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
Canada   V0R 2G0
Telephone: (250) 749-6320
Facsimile: (250) 749-6321
email: clcfc@cowichanlake.ca

Investment Opportunities

Throughout the world, the 'Made in Canada' label assures buyers that our value added wood products are of the highest quality. British Columbia's skilled workmanship and advanced technology help to provide high performance structural materials and unique appearance-grade wood components.


The province has tremendous potential for new investment in these products. In BC's new era of economic expansion, investors are warmly welcomed. And communities such as Cowichan Lake offer a cost-competitive location for manufacturing facilities that can serve growing markets in North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.


BC's rich forest resource comprises 62%, or 58.7 million hectares, of it's total land base. Sustainable management of this vast resource, and increased production of value-added wood products, are part of the industry's vision to become a world leader in these technologies.


Cowichan Lake is located in the heartland of high quality coastal timber supplies such as Douglas-fir, fine-grained hemlock, alder, maple, and yellow cedar. With a population exceeding 6,000, the Cowichan Lake area is within easy reach of major cities, road, air, and water transportation systems, and an impressive cluster of training facilities such as UBC's world class Centre for Advanced Wood processing, Forintek Canada Corp., the BC Wood Specialties Group, BCIT and Vancouver Island University in Duncan.